Vegan Shopping Tips

Vegan Shopping Tips

Shop around

Shopping around in different supermarkets will help you find the best deals. It’s also an opportunity to discover what vegan options different shops provide, and what alternatives you prefer. Prices can change all the time, so if you haven’t recently stepped foot into a certain supermarket, why not think about doing so?

Choose seasonal

Not only is this good for your pocket, it’s also good for the planet. You’ll get to enjoy food that tastes better because it’s in season and also more abundant. Additionally, keeping an eye out for what’s in season might lead you to try out new foods that you’ve neglected or never even tried before!

Read the ingredients

Although the vegan label is becoming increasingly commonplace on foods, I’d still recommend reading the ingredients. Not only can you evaluate the nutritional information, but you can also see if there’s anything sneaking into your food that you don’t want to consume. 

Don’t only buy ready meals

Having a few ready meals on hand can certainly be helpful, but try to be selective when you buy them. I appreciate having frozen chips and burgers to throw into the oven when I want an easy lunch. With the addition of a seasonal salad, it’s a great quick option. Some supermarket curries or shepherd’s pies can also be nice. However, don’t limit yourself to ready meals and frozen foods, as cooking from scratch can feel really rewarding too!

Buy in bulk

Buying the basics in bulk (pasta, oats, beans, chopped tomatoes) will help when you’re not sure what to eat. Having the basics available will mean you can easily put together spaghetti with a tomato-based sauce, or have oats for breakfast if you’re all out of cereal.

Invest in herbs and spices 

Dried herbs and spices are relatively cheap and can really make a difference to how your food tastes. You’ll also be pleased to know that there are nutritional benefits to seasoning your food. If you’re getting tired of your soups and sauces tasting the same way, it might be a sign to shake up your seasonings!

Don’t be afraid to try new foods

With so many great options out there, there’s no need to get stuck using the same shopping list through the months. Whether it’s a new vegan cake or a trendy vegan ready meal, be open to trying something new! 

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