Tips for Eating Vegan in Northampton

Tips for Eating Vegan in Northampton

Support Independent Eateries that Cater to Vegans

Chain restaurants can have great options, and are always handy for when you’re in a new place and not sure where to eat. But supporting independent business helps your local economy and can definitely have a more personalised feel. More likely than not, independent retailers make an even bigger effort to listen to the people in their community and find out what they want. Some vegan-friendly places in Northampton include Green Loft, Karmana, and The Bread and Butter Factory

Join a Vegan Facebook Group

Think that Facebook Groups are a thing of the past? Well you’d be surprised! With Facebook groups such as Northampton UK Vegan and Veggie Group, you can find out where others are eating, what vegan events are coming up in your area, and even ask where to pick up that new food product you’ve heard all about. You might also be interested in the social events that are being hosted, and they can be a great way to meet people on a similar wavelength

Follow Northampton Vegan Accounts on Instagram

Maybe you don’t spend much time on Facebook, but you love finding great accounts to follow on Instagram. I’m the same! That’s why I started ClarissaxFood- I show you things that I’m munching on, vegan food I’ve bought, and where I’m enjoying eating out. There are heaps of veggie and vegan accounts out the ‘gram, but it can be extra helpful to find people who are also savvy about your local area. Other Northampton vegan food accounts you might like are, @vegansofnn and @cooking_it_vegan

Go to Local Vegan Fairs

At these fairs you can find vegan goodies from some of your favourite retailers, pick up new skincare and beauty bits that are cruelty-free, and find out about efforts to help animals around Northampton. Additionally, don’t forget to check out other local events (such as music festivals or town celebrations), to see if any vegan-friendly businesses will be there. If you’re not sure about what an event will have, get in touch with the organisers to find out more.

Check out the Vegan Options in Supermarkets

There have always been some vegan options in supermarkets, but in recent years, the big chains have supplied an increasing amount of free-from food. If you took part in Veganuary 2019, you’ll probably be aware that there have been a whole host of vegan options and food ranges popping up in the shops. From Mark’s and Spencer’s Plant Kitchen Range, to Tesco’s Wicked Kitchen– don’t be afraid to check them out!

Do you have any other tips for eating vegan in your local town or city? If so, leave a comment below!

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