Penn & Cobb – A British Brasserie

Penn & Cobb – A British Brasserie

Ladies that BRUNCH… “OH darling … pass me the Bellini, I’ll have the eggs later”

Penn & Cobb is part of the historic and beautiful hotel called “The Swan” situated by the Embankment River. The Penn & Cobb is apparently a separate entity, confirmed by a member of staff. 

OK readers… I shall keep this blog short and sweet (kinda), but be warned if you’re a fancy pants like me and love “BRUNCHIN” no matter what the occasion, you’ll be tempted to go back for more and more.

RIGHT… I really love how popular brunch is, there’s not many brunch-y places in Bedford, but I’m on a mission to find them OR just make them at home myself and invite y’all over. I mean, the fact that you can have a late morning meal in-between breakfast and lunch is simply happiness on a plate for me. Especially if it includes CHEESE … Gimme all the cheese

Normally Brunch includes an alcoholic beverage such as Bellini OR Mimosa even a cocktail/Mocktail, however on my visit to Penn & Cobb, I chose to keep HANGRY Khushy at bay and went for my English breakfast Tea… that steam is making me …  MMMM …. AHHHHHH ready for the day already. 

So above I mentioned cheese… well well well … I was immediately drawn to the Welsh Rarebit (This is a type of cheese for those of you wondering what an earth it is). 

The Welsh Rarebit was on homemade beer bread with a fried egg on the side (V) £7.00. Not bad in my opinion… I probably could have eaten another 10 of them. As a suggestion, Penn & Cobb maybe you could introduce a little pot of melted rarebit on the side, like a fondue – for the inner cheese lover (*hint hint*)

The next brunch-y dish we ordered was of course none other then the famous Eggs Benedict, which consisted of Home Glazed Ham, poached eggs, English Muffin and Hollandaise Sauce priced at £8.50. This dish did not fail to impress, as a preference warm cooked Ham is more my thing but my date, however, wolfed it up and licked the plate clean (Good sign *thumbs up*)

So if you’re looking for a slightly swanky and very British place to go to for breakfast, lunch or dinner then be sure to check Penn & Cobb out. 

*Please Note* Check the website or call before going as Brunch is served MON-SAT between 10am-3pm and Sunday 10am-12pm. There is also an all day menu for the rest of you early risers who actually wake up early and make their own breakfast (god damn you)

Christmas is also round the corner, so why not have a look at booking them for your festive lunches and dinners, they also have various offers on main courses and desserts so go on treat yourself or a loved one … I liked it and I will hopefully be arranging to take a few friends there for #brunchandcatchup

Address: The Embankment, Bedford MK40 1RW

Disclaimer: Everything above was fully paid for by myself, this is not an #AD or #Gift, all pictures, views and opinions are my own. 

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