Namji Indian @ Xscape - Media / Press Launch

Namji Indian @ Xscape – Media / Press Launch

Namji- Wolverton has been our go to, for late Sunday Brunches for a long time. When we got the invite for the press launch of Namji- Xscape, we were thrilled! It was LOUD, it’s was COLOURFUL and it all ended with a DANCE – like a true Indian gathering!

We started our evening with a colourful selection of mocktails followed by: 


  • Gol Guppas / Pani Puri – A savoury indian street food, displayed on the cutest street vendor cart, was such an eye stopper and a great way to start the evening.
  • Chicken Tikka – Mildly spiced, diced chicken, cooked in a tandoor, usually plated with condiments. Who doesn’t know about tikkas – But when it’s presented on an upright skewer – it’s a game changer.
  • Keema Aalu Kebab– Minced lamb mixed with mashed potato served with chutney on a solid metal bike!

Notice how i’m more excited about the display than the food – It’s because I already LOVE their food – It’s always made fresh, always home cooked and made by mums – not chefs!! There’s a comfort in knowing that what you’re eating is a 100% made with passion and love and you can really feel it in the food and their hospitality, time after time!



There was not one, not two – There were EIGHT! We got served a Thali that had a carefully chosen selection of vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes to fully enjoy the true flavours of Indian food.

This included, Chicken Tikka Masala, Lamb Bhuna, Chana Masala, Gobhi Aalu, Paalak Paneer and Dal Tadka along with Mixed Raita and Gulab Jamum for Dessert. We also had salad, naan and rice to go with it. Served on a beautiful platter beaming under the lights this truly felt like the feast of the kings!


Thalis are served 12:00 – 4:00 pm om weekdays (the dishes may vary) and is a must try if you want to experience Indian cuisine to the fullest.


You get a top up of the dish you like and the food seemed to keep coming! It was a weekday, so we had to leave but there was also Bhangra after dinner which was presented by Dhols Royce and Munde Punjab De .. !!

I think for me, the presentation and hospitality was key to the whole experience. This is the beauty of an independent business and I’m so glad to have been a part of this event! It was a fantastic effort by Kelly Gavaghan from Circus Magazine who organised the event to perfection, with all the right elements for an Indian Riot!

If you haven’t already – check out their new Website and Mobile App. Support them by followig them on Socials and better still BOOK A TABLE!

PRICE POINT: Moderate. 
FAVOURITES: Lamb Bhuna, Palak Paneer & Chana Masala


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Home made Indian Cuisine – Xscape mall, Milton Keynes 
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