Zero Waster Eastbourne

Zero Waster Eastbourne

Eastbourne's FIRST and ONLY zero waste shop!

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We need to make a big change

We knew, and had known for a while that we needed to make bigger changes to our daily lives to feel like we were making a difference, climate change wise. One way to do this was to up our efforts in shopping Zero Waste style, plastic free, refill and local!

There was one rather large problems there though, our nearest refill shop was a 35 minute train journey away. Not too handy for popping to the shop for washing up liquid or cumin for dinner that night! 

“We could open one of those Zero Waste shops…” an innocent comment in conversation, which turned into our very own Zero Waste shop!

After taking a look at our own needs as an average family in a town of many like us, our mission was clear. 

Be central, be open, be stocked with things everyone uses!

Eastbourne is our home, let’s clean it up!

Eastbourne is a stunning town and everyone can do their bit to keep it looking and feeling its best!

We are very lucky to have our own groups from organisations such as Plastic free Eastbourne, Greenpeace, Extinction Rebellion and Friends of The Earth, all organising events like beach and park cleans, peaceful protests and meetings to get everyone involved in protecting the planet and our little slice on it. Get in touch to find out how you can get involved!