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Our ranges include confectionery that are:

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Always read the ingredients labels, some of our sweets and chocolates contain the following: Dairy, Wheat, Nuts, Soy.

About Us

Life is Sweet Since 2014

We sell the only the highest quality sweets from around the globe, Sweet Lounge truly is a luxury sweet shop for grown-ups! Sweets imported from Italy, Belgium, Morocco, Turkey and more! We source gourmet chocolates that are made with the highest quality ingredients, for example our hazelnut chocolates are made using Piemonte hazelnuts, which are the finest in the world. The same goes for our Avola products, the Avola Almond is the best almonds in the world.

Better Sweets…

The entire range on our website is either Vegan or Vegetarian, all our gummies are now vegan and contain no animal products such as gelatine. We don’t just bring you any sweets that we find as some of them (even though are vegan or veggie) don’t taste nice, we hand select these and put them to the test, only the best go through. Look our for our sweets that are gluten-free and contain no artificial flavours or colours.

Unique Finds

Take a look round our website where you can find some of our truly unique products. Like our handmade vegan chocolate flower bouquets! 


Our Founder

Our founder is mumtrepreneur Greta, mum of 2 who currently also runs another 2 business alongside Sweet Lounge. Starting businesses at just 16 years old her passion has always been to run her own company.   

Our Sustainability Approach 

Our biggest focus is to create packaging that can easily be recycled or reused. We care a lot about the environment and so we wanted our packaging and our brand to reflect this. Firstly we Love to save paper so we don’t like to print and send invoices with your orders. (We might have to with other 3rd party platforms) But no receipt in your box is great if you’re sending a gift. 

We are also a company that likes to be clear about our values, honest about our products and always happy to help no matter how big or small the enquiry may be. 

Everything from our packaging and gift boxes to our shipping boxes are easily recyclable/reusable. 

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 Our cube boxes are recyclable by the code of PS on the bottom underneath the sticker. (Please recycle whenever possible) 

Our pouch bags are made from polypropylene (PP) which is also recyclable. Or 150g Packets are made from compostable materials.