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Say Doughnuts

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SAY Doughnuts is a Micro-bakery born out of a passion for great food (both eating and creating) and making great doughnuts for family and friends! During the first UK lockdown of 2020 we decided to share that passion with our local community. Within a couple of weeks we were overdemand and now our artisan doughnuts and buns are made from scratch each day, and stocked in some of the most popular cafes and delis in surrounding towns.

Each of our dough recipes consists of just 8 ingredients. No additives. No preservatives. No chemicals. Our dough is human—from the farmers who mill and harvest our grains, to the bakers who put passion and care into each product we make.

Our dough is rolled and cut by hand, whilst all glazes and fillings are made in-house too. We work with small batches, so we can keep delivering our high quality, fresh, signature dough over and over, all day long.