Mister Free’d Gluten Free Vegan Tortilla Chips

Mister Free’d Gluten Free Vegan Tortilla Chips Claimed

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Mister Free’d make gluten-free, vegan tortilla chips made from carefully selected natural ingredients.

We’re on a mission to free snack-lovers from gluten, GMOs and food additives by offering delicious, fun and convenient snacks.

Our clean ingredients list with no harmful additives means snack-lovers can enjoy our tortilla chips knowing they are good for them and the planet too.

We believe that gluten-free, plant-based snacking should be more than just about choosing a healthier alternative to your favourite snack. To us, it’s all about natural, carefully selected ingredients, the perfect crunch and convenient snacking without compromising on taste.

Mister Free’d tortilla chips are:

  • gluten-free
  • dairy-free
  • vegan-friendly
  • non-GMO
  • free from harmful additives
  • made with natural ingredients

Our Flavours


A classic favourite with a vegan twist for vegans and cheese-lovers alike. Perfect for every occasion, Mister Free’d Cheezie tortilla chips use only natural flavouring and are perfect for every occasion.

Chia Seed

Mister Free’d Chia Seed tortilla chips are packed with superfoods – giving you a healthy dose of a multiseed crunch with every delicious munch. The perfect scooper for your favourite dip and a great base for nachos.

Blue Maize

Slightly saltier than the traditional corn base, Mister Free’d Blue Maize tortilla chips brings an authentic Mexican flavour to any fiesta and a pop of colour to match.

Beetroot with Onion

Mister Free’d Beetroot with Onion tortilla chips combine traditional flavours with a modern kick. Great on its own or perfectly paired with your favourite dip.

Kale Spinach

Packed with vegetable goodness, Mister Free’d Kale and Spinach tortilla chips weave leafy flavours with a traditional corn base to create a healthy crunch as flavourful as freshly made crispy kale chips.

Avocado Chilli 

For snackers who love creamy guacamole but crave a little bite, our small bags of Avocado Chili hold gently dusted tortilla chips with an additional spicy kick – perfect for an on-the-go chip ‘n dip without the need for an actual dip.