Man-o-tu Kitchen,

Man-o-Tu meaning Me and You. 

Is an all female kitchen aiming to introduce a new and authentic taste of Afghan comfort food. To celebrate diversity in Milton Keynes we bring you two new dishes that will satisfy your cravings for new fresh homemade recipes. Our food is prepared daily in our kitchen using fresh quality and organic ingredients with plenty of love added. We also aim to bring the community together and introduce our culture and share knowledgeable information at the same time as getting to know more people with different backgrounds to create a happy and friendly environment as we serve.

First up on our menu is ‘Mantu’ a minced beef/lamb and onion filling dumplings that are steamed and then topped with our special sauce and mint yogurt.

Second up is ‘Bolani’ filled with mashed potatoes and leeks which is our vegetarian and vegan option. 

We welcome you all to join us and taste afghan cuisine and share happy moments together.

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  1. 5
    FarHanSolo Submission Dec 03, 2019

    Wow, just wow

    Look I could write a really, really long piece but it's very simple, stop reading this and get yourself a serving or three of lovely, and when I say lovely, I mean delicious food from MAN-O-TU Kitchen. On my, so far, two visits I was delighted by the warm and friendly customer service of the team. Then bowled over by the tasty and filling food.

  2. 5
    DinaJannah Submission Oct 07, 2019

    Finger licking good!!!

    Oooookkkkk!!! Where do I begin. This may look like your average street food stand but Manotu is far from it, I roamed in with three of my friends and was instantly greeting by the friendly staff and incredible aroma. I ordered a portion of mantu, the mantus were little bombs filled with mince and onion goodness topped with dal and a light coat of yoghurt with mint (could ask for spices if you wanted to as they cater to your taste buds), the toppings worked great together nothing overpowering, I then tried the bolani (flatbread/turnovers) this consisted of a mixture of both potatoes and leeks sided with a range of sauces, the bolani were packed with flavour and had great consistency and very little oil. By the end of our meal we were already planning our next visit.

  3. 5
    Ellie Submission Oct 06, 2019


    Very welcome addition to local, independent foodies in Milton Keynes! So great to taste food that is made by people who are passionate about making food and sharing what they love with others. The food was, quite simply, delicious, and the portions, very generous!! I'll be coming back more than once, and telling everyone to check it out too!

  4. 5
    SamNaveed Submission Oct 06, 2019

    Best in Town ??

    The only place in Milton Keynes where you can find the authentic and famous Mantu and Bolani from Afghan Cuisine and after tasting the food today, I know, I will definitely be a regular customer.

  5. 5
    Faizaanahmad21 Submission Oct 05, 2019

    A flavour experience of Afghanistan

    ManOtu Kitchen is fantastic, from the ever smiling family run stall, to the delicious dumplings and bolani, they have really made a great first impression. With two main dishes, they've focused on delivering great quality rather than quantity and they really do deliver. The mantu may look similar to the humble gyoza, but it far exceeds the expectations. The flavour of the mince is delicately balanced, with the right amount of spice for all, the lentils atop the dumplings perfectly acompany the parcels themselves giving a bit of bite to the dish and a sprinkle of chilli leaves a beautiful burst of flavours with every mouthful. The bolani is subtle but tasty, the mixture of potatoes and leeks is a winner once sandwiched between the traditional flatbread, make sure to get it hot off the pan with a dash of mint sauce. If anything I would've loved it to be spicier, but nevertheless it was a real winter warmer. The food was well priced and more than adorable for a quick lunch or early morning meal, and portion sizes were great, leaving me morethan satisfied. I would thoroughly recommend manOtu to anyone looking to adventure with flavours and experience an authentic taste of Afghanistan, best of luck to them for the future!

  6. 5
    Javed Submission Oct 05, 2019


    I tried their bolani (flatbread) today it was the best vegetarian food I've tried. I loved the combination of mashed potatoes and leeks.
    Mantu was so delicious. The homemade sauce on top of the dumpling went so deliciously well with the meat filling.
    Will be visiting again for sure.

  7. 5
    Alejandro Submission Oct 05, 2019

    Food test

    The food was well cooked clean and the test was so good love the manto I will come back for the bolani tomorrow.

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