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Man-o-tu Kitchen,

Man-o-Tu meaning Me and You. 

Is an all female kitchen aiming to introduce a new and authentic taste of Afghan comfort food. To celebrate diversity in Milton Keynes we bring you two new dishes that will satisfy your cravings for new fresh homemade recipes. Our food is prepared daily in our kitchen using fresh quality and organic ingredients with plenty of love added. We also aim to bring the community together and introduce our culture and share knowledgeable information at the same time as getting to know more people with different backgrounds to create a happy and friendly environment as we serve.

First up on our menu is ‘Mantu’ a minced beef/lamb and onion filling dumplings that are steamed and then topped with our special sauce and mint yogurt.

Second up is ‘Bolani’ filled with mashed potatoes and leeks which is our vegetarian and vegan option. 

We welcome you all to join us and taste afghan cuisine and share happy moments together.