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 Our family have been making gelato ice cream for generations. i’m real ice cream comes from our love and knowledge of real ice cream made with fresh, natural ingredients – we wanted to capture this and put it in a pot to be accessible to everyone.  

We believe that Mother Nature gives us all we need to make the best tasting ice cream. That’s why we create delicious, natural ice cream with nothing extra added. We insist on only the highest quality ingredients and prepare each ingredient by hand. We chop, peel, slice, bake and cook everything we use ourselves, so we know exactly what goes into our ice cream. We never use synthetic flavourings, dyes, or off-the-shelf mixes. And there is no long list of stabilizers and emulsifiers or other ingredients in any of our flavours. 

We love to support our local producers. Our eggs, milk and cream come from local dairy farms, our honey comes from local bees and our raspberries and strawberries are locally picked when in season too. Our delicious flavours include Madagascan Chocolate Brownie, Coconut & Raspberry Shortcake, Banana, Cardamom and White Choc Freckles and Toasted Peanut Butter. Two of our eight deliciously natural flavours have recently won a Great Taste Award and all our flavours are available in 120ml, 500ml pots or 4L for trade.