Fireaway Mk

Fireaway Mk

I can only speak for myself but I stopped going to chain restaurants (except for the occasional drive through) a few years ago. It was never satisfying, the price didn’t match the quality or experience, and we always walked out unhappy.

When Fireaway MK invited us for a meal, I wasn’t too sure what to expect, but we hadn’t been there so I was curious to see what they offered. Fireaway opened last year October at the theatre district with a 50 Cover dine in and take away restaurant. They offer, Pizza, Calzones, Wings, Salads, Shakes and Desserts. All their sauces and dough is made fresh in house and their spinning fire oven ensures that every pizza is crisp and evenly cooked every single time. The great thing is that they also offer gluten free, vegan and vegetarian options which makes it easy for large groups to dine together.


In order for us to try as many different pizzas without exploding, we requested ours to be divided in quarters with different toppings. It’s genius because then everyone is happy. The pizzas were just the right thickness, crispy and very flavourful specially with the garlic herb dip. My favourite were the Meat-head and The Burner. To go with this we ordered an Avocado salad which was fresh greens, tomatoes, olives and with an olive oil dressing.


They have a great selection of shakes, mocktails and cocktails!! We ordered a Virgin Mojito, Pornstar Martini, Oreo Shake and Bubblegum Shake. While the cocktail was lovely, it was a premix and lacked the punch of alcohol.. Having said that, it came in the right glass, with the right garnish and still tasted great!! The shakes were great too, the kids loved them. I feel that the flavour was weak, specially the Oreo one which is expected to be brown and chocolaty and full of oreos – I’ve had better milkshakes, so this was not my favourite.

Pistachio Space Rock
Cannoli Platter
Hazelnut Cannoli
Hazelnut Cannoli
Oreo Shake
Oreo Shake
Pornstar Martini
Pornstar Martini


Nothing completes a meal better than a great dessert and Fireaway didn’t disappoint. We ordered a selection of Cannoli and a Pistachio Space Rock. Cannolis are fried tube shaped pastry filled with sinful, creamy indulgence. We tried hazelnut, lemon and Pistashio flavours. Needless to say, hazelnut was the crowd favourite. I quite liked the lemon also. The pastry was very crispy and that with the soft filling was an absolute joy! I will definitely go back for them.

The Pistachio Space Rock was the other dessert – It’s an ice cream rock, with an eclair filling, topped with crushed pistachio and hazelnut sauce. This was so unique and bursting with flavour and texture. Not something we would’ve ordered but Im very glad to have tried it and look forward to trying the chocolate one soon.

Ooh and they also have a selection of Nutella pizzas which would be great for kids birthdays.. Or yours.. hehe.


Firewaway is a great place to dine in for any occasion, family meal, birthdays, corporate events. It’s very reasonable and offers something for everyone. The drinks and desserts create an all rounded experience.

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Artisan Pizza Experience – Theatre District, Milton Keynes
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PRICE POINT: Moderate. 
FAVOURITES: Meat-head and Burner Pizza and Hazelnut Cannoli !!! 

If you haven’t already – check out their menu on the Website and follow them on Instagram for more updates.

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