Please note that ONLY THE BUSINESS associated with the listing can claim an existing entry. You can edit or add images that are original and relevant to your business. Stock images are not acceptable and dissolve the purpose of a local guide website. Borrowed images must be credited on the listing.

Same goes for events. ONLY THE HOST / ORGANISER can add the event and it is up to them to add the businesses that will be taking part in the event. This will avoid duplication and create a better viewer experience for all.


Adding a listing is a great way to gain visibility with our new and growing viewers. We have a price plan to suit every businesses and it’s needs. TO add a listing you first need to register by clicking on the top right “register” button.

After completion, please click the yellow “add listing” button above the top navigation and pick a plan to suit your needs. Submit listing and you’re good to go!


You can add one listing for each business that you own. These listings are reviewed before they are published / visible online.

All free listings are indefinite. If you have paid for your listing, it is valid for one year. You will be sent a reminder to renew your listing when it is time. If you don’t renew it, the listing will downgrade to a free one. You can upgrade your listing at anytime you wish.

If you spot your business on the website and want to manage the listing yourself, you can CLAIM it by clicking the “Claim Listing” button at the bottom of the sidebar.  Upon claiming you can choose from our pricing plans to see what suits your business.

We will do our checks to ensure that you are the right owner of the listing and grant access to you. This may take upto 2 working days.

Same as a listing, you need to register before you can add events to the website. These events can vary depending on the business and range from:

  • workshops
  • food fayres
  • cooking classes
  • online nutrition courses
  • Recurring music events at a restaurant etc.

Simply click on add listing button on top of the navigation and choose from our events plans. Simply submit and you are live!

You can add any food related event. From food festivals, tasting tours, music events in the restaurant or a Christmas fayre. If there’s good food, It’s an event!

The event section is restricted to the host / organiser of the event only. This is to avoid duplication and better viewer experience. Otherwise we will have another facebook situation going on here !!

It is the responsibility of the organiser to include all businesses that will participate in the event.

Events are based on the dates you input. Once the event expires, the listing also expires, unless it’s a recurring event.

In order to edit your listing or your event, you need to login to your account. Your dashboard will should you all your listings and events. Click any one of them to edit and publish

If your location is not listed, please feel free to get in touch with us at info@mkfoodie.co.uk and we will see what we can do to help.

For ease of browsing, we’ve tried to stick to a few broad categories of food and related businesses. We are open to ideas, thoughts and will always welcome your feedback should you feel that something is missing. Drop us an email if your business is food related, but doesn’t fit any of the given categories.

We have price plans to suit all sizes of business. You can choose from one business listing to 5. If however you have more than five businesses and want to list them all, them please get in touch with us on info@mkfoodie.co.uk and we will work something out for you.


We offer advertising spaces all across the website. These include:

  • Page Header
  • Banner Advertisement on Sidebar
  • Header image for food or location category that gives your business a great deal of visibility when customers are searching through the website.

Along with this we also offer packages to promote your business across our social media channels. Please get in touch with us at info@mkfoodie.co.uk to get your own customised advertising package.

If you have recently added a listing on MKfoodie website, then you are automatically eligible for a shoutout. However we provide special packages for social media promotions that include, insta- stories, special mentions, featured story and a suitable form of collaboration to promote your brand to the right demographic.


In order to become a vendor you simply Register your self under the Marketplace > Sell with us

Once signed up – you can set up your shop and add your products and shipping details. Please note that all orders will be sent to you via email. The vendor is responsible to ensure all orders are dispatched within the given time frame.

Please read the terms and condition on clarification of payments and withdrawals.

  • Login to your account – Click “Manage your store” under “Marketplace” on the navigation menu
  • Under settings, click store to set up your store name, logo, description etc.
  • You can choose how you want to get paid back for your orders and fill in those details under payments.

  • Set up your shop’s shipping preference –  You can choose to offer shipping by weight, zone or distance. This is very important. If you don’t set these rules, the buyers will be given free shipping by default.

  • Set up Shop rules to offer multiple shipping options eg.

Rule 1. Orders upto 2 kg – £3.00 Delivery

Rule 2. Orders over 2 kg – £ 5.00 Delivery

When shipping by weight, make sure each of your products in the shop have their weight settings in place. The shipping weight will be calculated automatically at checkout.


If you have the same product available in different sizes or colours or flavours which effect the price then you don’t have to create a separate product for each variation. You can simply create one product and offer different prices for each variation.

Eg. You sell a drink in a can, a 500ml bottle and a 1 lt bottle and they sell for £2, £4 and £6 respectively – instead of creating three different products, you can create one product and give the customer the option of choosing what size they want. Here’s how..

  1. Click on Add a product and choose variable product from the top drop down.

2. Add your basic info and description for the this product.. NOT the variations just yet. Then under attributes, click on add and give a title to your variations -eg. size or colour or flavour.


3. Then add your variations separated by the ” | ” symbol – these are your product options which will be visible to the customer. In this case our attribute is “Size” and our variations are Small, Medium and Large. Check on all boxes as shown below.

4. Now let’s edit these variations one by one. The ” +” symbol allows you to add all your variations or  just one out of the three we just created.


5. Here we just added “small” and as you would any other simple product,  you can add it’s price, image exclusive to this size, manage stock etc. In the same way you can add other variations by clicking the “+” symbol on the bottom right of the first variation.

You will see your variation in this way and you can click and edit them anytime. Say you stopped selling a certain size – simple remove that variation and it won’t show up on the front end anymore.

6. Your final result will be a drop down on the product page where customers can choose their size. Each size will have it’s own picture ( if you choose to do it that way ) and it’s own price.