Easter Dessert

Easter Dessert

You will with lots of chocolate eggs at home during Easter time. So how about you prepare a very creative and simple dessert that will definitely wow your guests for your Easter celebration.

Surprise your friends and family with this delicious chocolate ganache with fresh fruits served all inside a opened chocolate egg!

Feel free to be creative and use your imagination! Tip: Eat fresh if use fresh fruits!!!


  • –  1 chocolate easter egg 250gr (buy any chocolate egg of your preference from the market and open the egg separating both sides we will use as a bowl.
  • –  200ml double cream
  • –  200 gr bittersweet / dark chocolate
  • –  Fresh fruits of your preference (strawberry, grapes, berrys, melon, apple)


  1. Ganache – The only recipe you actually need to prepare here is the chocolate ganache. For this you can get your 200gr of chocolate and chopped into small pieces. Don’t worry to much about their shapes but the smaller it is the easier will be to melt. Leave this chocolate in a medium bowl where you will be able to mix the ganache. In a microwave heat up the double cream for 45 sec – 1min. You just want it to be nice and warm but not super hot and bubbling over. Once it’s heated, you’ll pour it right over the chopped chocolate and mixed until all the chocolate melts and become a beautiful shiny chocolate sauce. Leave it on the side until it gets to room temperature. While the ganache rests a little bit you can wash the fruits and make sure you dry them very well.When the ganache is at room temperature (if is still hot will melt your chocolate egg) you can start to plate your dessert.
  2. Put your half chocolate egg opened on a plate facing up, you gonna use it as a bowl.
  3. Start to fill it up with a layer of ganache all spread inside the chocolate egg. Mix inside with some fresh berries, or grapes (make sure they are dried). Add more layers of ganache until you fill all the egg.
  4. To finish add some fresh strawberries , grapes, berries and sprinkles to decorate.
    Use your own imagination!

Better if consumed straightaway.

You can serve with a spoon for you just to dig in straight away or if the ganache is more settled you can cut with a knife into slices and put in a plate showing the beautiful layers of chocolate and fruits.

| Giselle Gois

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