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Spicy Leg of Lamb

Why not give the Turkey a miss this Christmas and try something different!

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Super Fruity Christmas Cake Part 1

At our Smart Raspberry After School Cookery Clubs we make this Christmas Cake with the children.


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Reindeer Biscuits

This is fun!

The reindeer biscuits (upside down gingerbread men) are wonderful to make and look so

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Chana Puri

This is part 1 - of a two part blog. The Chana recipe can be found here >>CLICK FOR RECIPE . However you can always

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Cheesy Bonfire Bread

I love this recipe! It is a really easy bread to make, as it is a quick bread. A quick bread has an alternative

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Baked Plum Cake

As I write this we have had our first big downpour of rain in ages, which means we must bid farewell to Summer, as

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