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Super Fruity Christmas Cake Part 1

At our Smart Raspberry After School Cookery Clubs we make this Christmas Cake with the children.


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Reindeer Biscuits

This is fun!

The reindeer biscuits (upside down gingerbread men) are wonderful to make and look so

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Gulab Jamun

Gulab Jamun are a biteful of joy and are not only enjoyed through festivities but are also crowd pleasers in

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Baked Plum Cake

As I write this we have had our first big downpour of rain in ages, which means we must bid farewell to Summer, as

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Strawberry Jam

Something I realised when I moved to England is that you all love some kind of jam! To be eaten with scones, on a

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Vegan Carrot cake with 'cream cheese' frosting

Traditionally, cakes are made with eggs, butter, flour and sugar – so how exactly do you create delicious

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Brazilian Carrot Cake

When I first arrived in England 15 years ago, I learnt about the traditional English carrot cake topped with cream

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In every birthday celebration around the world we normally have a cake and some candles that always help to

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Easter Dessert

You will with lots of chocolate eggs at home during Easter time. So how about you prepare a very creative and

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