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Bannoffee Pie

This is the most loved recipe. Its's creamy, got the toffee,  Chocolate, smoothness of the banana  and the crunch

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Mediterranean CousCous.

Here is a recipe that you can have with your grilled chicken , fish or some roasted Vegetables or even a bbq as the

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all love tortilla's , well most of us. A favourite of all time for kids and teens !


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Kue Nastar

Indonesian festive cookies with homemade spiced pineapple jam filling. This cookie commonly served during

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Summer Fruit Trifle

As the weather is getting warmer and there is plenty of summer fruit around. Our Summer Fruit Trifle recipe is a<br

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Carrot Cake

I’ve only ever eaten carrot cake once before turning vegan- I wasn’t really a fan of the wet texture some recipes

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Gluten Free Pancakes

Not to brag but we make some killer pancakes at home. Infact so much so that none of us actually like eating

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Strawberry Cheesecake

Finally, Summer is almost here . Who doesn't love fresh strawberries ! This recipe is a quick cheesecake recipe

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Bean Burger

As we are

trying to keep the ingredients as simple as possible - we thought a healthy bean burger would

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Sesame Milk Bun

Ingredients -270g dairy free milk (i prefer oat milk, however almond milk really gives it a sweet and nutty

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