BB Tea

BB Tea

Did someone say BUBBLES AND TEA … Whoah!

WADDUP Bubble Tea, where have you been all my life? …. If you haven’t tried it, then what an earth are you waiting for? Please read on . . . 

What is Bubble Tea?

In  a nutshell Bubble Tea is a Taiwanese recipe which is made by mixing a tea base with milk or fruit juices and then adding what I like to call “little juicy signature balls of goodness” (technically speaking they are also known as Tapioca and Bobas.)  

Who are BBTea?

BBTea are an independent family owned business, who recently opened their doors to the People of Bedford and Beyond in July 2019 this year, they are situated quite comfortably on the Bedford Highstreet, you can’t miss it! The first of its kind in Bedford, it also brings me joy to see such a wonderful start up business throwing themselves right out there and serving up something quite unique in the town. They also have a little #instagrammable wall (pretty sure Katherine said they may be looking to expand the feature wall in the near future.)

My Experience at BBTEA

I broke my Bubble Tea Virginity at BBTEA *inserts shock face*, Katherine and Jason who run the family business were very attentive and informative. Katherine talked us through each option of tea and Boboa flavours and recommended some of her favourites; I mean it didn’t take much convincing I went for the Strawberry Milk Tea with Blueberry Bubbles the taste very similar to that of a milkshake which I really enjoyed. 

My date for the day went for the Strawberry Green Tea with Blueberry Bubbles, she found it quite refreshing, but i’m not a Green Tea fan so you really need to see and ask what flavours would be suited for you. 

Both drinks were made fresh to order and served nice and cold in transparent cups.

 *please note you can buy metal straws for environmental purposes, however BBTEA currently still use Plastic straws with the aim of abolishing this in the near future* 


There is no denying that there is something here for everyone, it isn’t a place you would come for a slap up meal, but more of a quirky drink/dessert spot or a little catch up with friends and family. 

At present BBTea have an offer on weekdays only between 4pm-6pm if you buy one bubble tea you can get another one for half price. Grab it while you can, looks like this offer will be here for some time. 

I also love that BBTea Cater for birthday parties for up to 12, they currently offer exclusive hire of the shop with the full menu including bubble waffles, dumplings, unlimited bubble tea etc… this is excellent choice for a children’s birthday party and generally just for all the big kids (like me) that want a casual celebration. 

If Bubble Tea “ain’t your thang”,  that’s absolutely fine as they also serve hot drinks such as English Breakfast Tea, Hot chocolates, Americano’s etc… alongside this you could try some nibbles/treats  such as Pork Dumplings, Bubble Waffles, home made cookies so on so forth … (They are currently looking to introduce vegetarian dumplings, but this hasn’t taken place just yet) 

All of the Jellies & Boba’s are 100% Vegan; everything is organically and ethically produced. 

BBTEA IS ALSO ON JUST EAT IF YOU FANCY GIVING IT A BUBBLE (and also If you can’t be bothered to head in store but want the luxury of it being delivered to you)

Address: 43 High St, Bedford MK40 1RY

Disclaimer: Everything above was fully paid for by myself, this is not an #AD or #Gift, all pictures, views and opinions are my own. 

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