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I create Indian spice blends, do Desi Punjabi street food events and Friday night takeaways.

Growing up in a traditional Sikh household where food is everything was phenomenal. Mummyji use to cook everything from scratch.

Sunday to Thursday we had Curries made from vegetable, lentils or pulses. Friday was fish day and Saturday was the only day we had meat. Everything she cooked was spot on.
When I was about 7 mum said I’m going to teach you how to cook, I was elated however I never was allowed to touch anything I could only watch what she was doing. I was bored out of my head, however I now know why she did this. Even to this day if I get stuck on a recipe I think back and remember what she did.

Mummyji never knew how to cook when she married my dad, my dad taught her and the rest she picked up from friends. My god she ended up being extremely talented to the point she opened her own restaurant in Lincoln!

Everyone loved what she cooked. As it was traditional punjabi food and nothing like other places. So I have made it my mission to show people out there what Indian food is all about.