Romantic & Date Night worthy… It’s Amore

Romantic & Date Night worthy… It’s Amore

Romantic & Date Night worthy… It’s Amore 

What’s that? Another Independent Restaurant… Don’t mind if I do 

Amici meaning “friends” in Italian is quite a fitting name for this restaurant, they really do welcome you into a warm and intimate setting. Due to its popularity, I would strongly advise that you book a table (walk-ins tend to get turned away on weekends and busy evenings). In addition to this, Amici have a back room and a lovely outdoor area (fantastic for summer) of which they mainly use for private parties. 

I have eaten at Amici’s twice and on both occasions Hallil, the restaurant manager, and his team have made it an enjoyable experience. They are attentive, relaxed and do not make you feel like you need to eat your food at a zillion miles an hour. 

*Note* Amici do not serve Pizza’s on their menu, they have a massive focus on Pasta’s and Seafood

We started off with drinks and ordered the NV Favola Prosecco priced at £6.90 for a glass or £23.95 for a bottle andI think it’s safe to say that it went down a right treat.


Calamari Fritti  – Squid rings coated in flour and deep fried  £8.45 

Goats cheese crostini (v) – Warm caramelised onion & goat cheese on toasted bread, served with salad – £7.95 

The Goats cheese crostini was beautiful, however, I wasn’t 100% keen on the caramelised onion (this is totally a personal preference as my date for the evening polished the plate clean). The Calamari was cooked nicely and really is a simple yet effective starter. 


Fusilli alla Norma (v) – Fusilli pasta cooked with tomato, garlic, fried aubergine and torn mozzarella £11.25

Canelloni (v) – Pasta sheets filled with fresh spinach leaves, creamy ricotta cheese, topped with mozzarella and fresh basil with creamy tomato sauce baked in oven £12.95

Garlic bread with cheese (v) – £4.50

We proper cheesed it out on the mains and had ZERO REGRETS. I indulged in the Fusilli alla Norma on both visits and it’s my current favourite at the moment. 

The Cannelloni was just heaven on a plate and if you like cheese and tomato as much as I do then it’s a WIN WIN.

On my first visit to Amici, I was taken by a lovely friend of mine who lives in Bedford too. She ordered the Penne con pollo e gorgonzola – Penne pasta cooked with chicken, mushrooms and creamy gorgonzola cheese £14.95. (This dish is for the mushroom lovers). 


Raise your hand in the air if you like TIRAMISU… and if you don’t then not to worry as they have a mouth watering selection of to suit everyone’s pallet. 

Home made Tiramisu – Italian ladyfingers in cream, brandy and coffee £5.50 

 A perfect way to end the evening, me and my date wished we had ordered another, but we decided not to be greedy and ended up in a wine bar next door! 

Bedford has a huge Italian Community and there is a lot of competition in terms of Italian eateries. This one happened to be the first one I visited in Bedford and is a little different to what I am used to, but not at all bad either. 

I would love to see Amici introduce the authentic style ‘bigger than your whole life’ Italian Garlic Bread Pizza, but this is just greedy Khushy coming out.

See you soon Amici . . .

Address: 27 St.Peters Street, Bedford MK40 2PN 

Disclaimer: Everything above was fully paid for by myself, this is not an #AD or #Gift, all pictures, views and opinions are my own. 

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