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Platter ELF

10 50
Location: Mk3


Location: 184 Shepherds Bush Road, London, United Kingdom, W6 7NLWebsite: https://offblak.com/

Nenette Chocolates

3.50 22.00
Location: Goodmans Cottage Welford Road South Kilworth Leicestershire LE17 6DYWebsite: http://www.nenettechocolates.co.ukPhone: +07811170633
Open now

Plant Pops - Plant Based Snacks

Location: Cannot determine address at this location.Website: www.plantpopssnacks.com

Papa’s Dhaba

Location: Cannot determine address at this location.Website: http://www.papasdhaba.co.uk
Open now

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Bannoffee Pie

This is the most loved recipe. Its’s creamy, got the toffee,  Chocolate, smoothness of the banana  and the crunch of the biscuits.  This is the most requested recipe the by our budding chefs  in our classes and their parents . It’s a quick and easy recipe and yet tastes absolutely decadent . Ingredients  100g Oaty […]

Sate Ayam

Ingredients 600 gr boneless skinless chicken thighs  Bumbu kacang (Peanut sauce): 4 garlic – peeled and minced 6 shallots – peeled and minced 250 gr fried/roasted groundnuts/cashew nuts  500 ml water – or more as needed 4 Tbsp coconut sugar  100 ml sweet soya sauce  1 tsp salt – or more as needed Cooking the peanut sauce: Place all ingredients for peanut sauce in a blender or food processor and grind […]

Vegan Brownie

My vegan brownie is the most popular post on my instagram, so I couldn’t not share the recipe! Its decadent, super rich, guilt free and vegan! It’s so simple and the prep can be finished in literally 10 minutes. Brownies are best served gooey, slightly raw giving them their iconic fudge textures. INGREDIENTS  200G 70% […]

Mediterranean CousCous.

Here is a recipe that you can have with your grilled chicken , fish or some roasted Vegetables or even a bbq as the season is here now. In this recipe the Children can join in and help with lots of chopping and learn a valuable skill.  When it come together is a delicious, light […]

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