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Delicious recipes to try this month

Summer Fruit Trifle

As the weather is getting warmer and there is plenty of summer fruit around. Our Summer Fruit Trifle recipe is a  really refreshing dessert   quick and easy to make . This recipe is a healthier version . As we are using half Greek Yoghurt and half Double cream. If you can’t get hold of any […]

Strawberry Jam

Something I realised when I moved to England is that you all love some kind of jam! To be eaten with scones, on a toast or on top of many different desserts, nothing better than a freshly homemade jam. So today I will share a very simple and delicious 3 ingredients recipe that you can […]

Mediterranean Couscous  

Discovering new flavours for lunchboxes Have you tried to introduce your children to new delicious foods from different cultures that you might have tasted abroad?  We are so lucky that our choice of food is so wide and varied now compared to what our parents or even my generation (Generation X!) were brought up on.  […]

Plant-Base Dill Pickle Slaw

This is a great recipe for the warmer months and goes well with plant based burgers in the BBQ season. If you haven’t already, read through our blog for Plant-Based BBQ Ideas that shares loads of tips for you to enjoy a family BBQ without starving! Ingredients: Serves 12 1 White Cabbage shredded or grated […]

Bean Burger

As we are  trying to keep the ingredients as simple as possible – we thought a healthy bean burger would be a lovely recipe as I am sure everyone would have a canned kidney beans in their pantry . Burgers are always hit with children .  Maybe add some sweet potato fries to go with […]

Plant-Based BBQ Ideas

Gone are the days when a vegan bbq meant corn on the cob and a side salad. Now there are so many great plant-based sausages and burgers available that everyone should be able to enjoy something charred in a bun, because that’s what bbqs are all about!  Plant-based doesn’t have to mean processed though, great […]

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