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Natural Greens Farm – Microgreens

Location: Unit B4/B+C Denbigh Business Park, Building B, Milton Keynes, England, MK1 1DNWebsite: http://naturalgreens.comPhone: 07779433791
Closed nowOpens at 08:30:AM today


Location: 117 High Street, Stony Stratford, Milton Keynes, UKWebsite: https://www.anatoliatr.co.uk/Phone: 01908 562272
Closed now


Location: 43 High Street, Bedford, UKWebsite: www.bbtea.co.uk
Closed nowOpens at 10:00:AM today


Location: Northampton, UKWebsite: http://www.boxfood.com

Camphill MK Communities Craft, Art & Food Fair

Location: Chrysalis Theatre, Camphill MK Communities, Japonica Lane, Willen Park, Milton Keynes, MK15 9JYWebsite: http://camphillmk.co/artisan-fairs/Phone: 01908 235 000

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Chicken Tikka

Chicken tikka is such a versatile dish – you can make a meal of it or a quick starter to serve with drinks. Prep time: 15 mins Cooking time:  30 mins Ingredients ½ kg of boneless chicken (cubed) 5 – 6 tbsp of tandoori masala 2 – 3 tbsp of yoghurt 1 tbsp of lemon […]

Cheesy Bonfire Bread

I love this recipe! It is a really easy bread to make, as it is a quick bread. A quick bread has an alternative raising agent other than yeast added to it.  So in this recipe the combination of bicarbonate of soda and cream of tartar means the bread will rise when it reacts to […]

Romantic & Date Night worthy… It’s Amore

Romantic & Date Night worthy… It’s Amore  What’s that? Another Independent Restaurant… Don’t mind if I do  Amici meaning “friends” in Italian is quite a fitting name for this restaurant, they really do welcome you into a warm and intimate setting. Due to its popularity, I would strongly advise that you book a table (walk-ins […]

Gulab Jamun

Gulab Jamun are a biteful of joy and are not only enjoyed through festivities but are also crowd pleasers in parties. Because they are served warm, they make the perfect dessert for the cold autumn winter months. Prep time: 30 mins – 1 hr  Cooking time:  1 – 2 hours Ingredients 280g milk powder 80g […]

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